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    IBS Schools, Malvern Court, Whittington Road, Worcester, WR5 2RG

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    • Securus, is a market leader of online monitoring solutions within education and has been keeping children safe online for over 16 years.
    • They offer core solutions, Securus XT, Securus NET which, when combined, Securus 360 offer full coverage of all devices across the whole school network including support for your school BYOD policy.
    • The intuitive user interface ensures easy reviewing of user online activity and will ensure your school can safeguard and protect your pupils and meet your statutory duties as laid out by the Department for Education.
    • Additionally, if time and resource are an issue, they can provide an Assisted Monitoring Service where a team of experts review captures on your behalf and alert you to any urgent online activity or potential risks and can also offer support resolving safeguarding incidents.
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